Let's Do This

Method 1: DIY this sh*t

I have scissors, cardboard, packing or duct tape + access to a printer

The hardest part of this whole process is probably getting access to a printer. Once you do that, print out this pdf template on regular 8.5 x 11 paper.

1) Get a box. The box, when flattened, needs to measure at least 23” x 11.” A regular pizza box works well.

2) If you’re working with a pizza box, cut the sides off. If you’re working with a cardboard box flatten it and use either heavy duty packing tape (preferred), or duct tape to tape the seams.

3) Tape the template to the box and cut it out. Use scissors for the pizza. Use a box cutter for the cardboard box.

4) Get a Sharpie and go to town! Don’t forget #tinytrump near the crotch. Write whatever you like on the torso, though if you want ideas look in this folder.

Method 2: Let’s use lasers instead

I’m lucky enough to have access to a freakin’ laser cutter!

If you have access to a laser cuter the hardest part of this will probably be getting clean cardboard, which you’ll have to source yourself. If you’re in NYC I recommend Pathe Supplies. Of course you can use whatever material you want!

The ai file is in our Github repo.

Regarding the text on the torso, you can either laser cut that as well type lockups from this file or just get a Sharpie and go to town. Good luck!