Artist Statement

Donald Trump projects himself as a larger than life figure, but to me, his tempestuous and blustery personality are simply a cover for something very different: immense insecurity and mental fragility.

When I hear “in short period of time I understood everything there was to know about health care” and “I know the details of taxes better than anybody.” I do not see a “genius,” I see someone who is insecure about his intelligence and desperate to provide cover for what he doesn’t know.

tiny trump on a sidewalk at night with the slogan 'Big Bullies Are Small People'

When I see the president of the United States throwing paper towels at survivors of a natural disaster as though he were playing arcade basketball, I don’t see someone who is trying to lighten the mood, I see a person who either can’t or doesn’t want to be seen empathizing with minorities.

When I see him condemn “both sides,” pardon Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and retweet the most offensive anti-Muslim videos without context, I see a morally weak leader unwilling to condemn bigotry, hatred, and racism.

When I see the record rate at which he lies and the contempt he has for journalistic institutions I see someone who simply isn’t mentally strong enough to engage with the truth.

When I see him engage in tit-for-tat reprisals with Rosie O’Donnell, Mika Brzezinski, Megyn Kelly, and boast about “grabbing [women] by the pussy,” I see a misogynist.

And when he insults a Muslim gold star family, calls Mexicans “drug dealers, criminals, rapists”, and refers to black majority countries as “shitholes,” I see a xenophobe and a racist.

In short, I do not see a big man when I look at donald trump. Quite the opposite. I see a small-minded and petty man. So small. I see tiny trump. And I am not alone.

tiny trump gives those who see through trump’s bluster a means to exert themselves in a publicly visible and meaningful way.

–Eric Corriel

written January 2018