Support the project

This project was 100% bootstrapped by the artist. All donations go towards furthering this project which specifically means: paying for rent, hiring studio assistants, car/truck rental, paint, ink, laser cutting time, wood, custom die manufacturing, cleaning supplies, social media assistants, website development, distribution costs, administrative help, and ultimately making tiny trumps more accessible to all. If you have some cash to burn and feel like supporting an independent artist, a donation would be greatly appreciated!

12 project participants standing in front of the White House holding tiny trumps
The artist Eric Corriel and SVA students in front of the White House during the 2019 Women's March in Washington D.C. From left to right: Bryan Fernandez, Nikki Woods, Kristin Okwedy, Monique Boss, Lewis Derogene, Eric Corriel, Arnold Lau, Pratt faculty member Effie Rieper, and Yinja Wen

Got Crypto to burn?

We take crypto because we’re cool like that:)

tiny trump with the stamp 'Property of Russia' in the 14th street subway station next to Tom Otterness sculpture of a moneybag
tiny trump wondering how much he can donate to this project…Sculpture by Tom Otterness in the A/C/E 14th Street subway station in New York City