1. Most common DIY method

Get Avery 8165 labels and print this template

2. Write your own slogans

rubber stamps in the foreground and a row of blank tiny trumps in the background
Order blank tiny trumps and write whatever you like!

3. Create a rubber stamp

Repeatedly stamping your own slogan onto tiny trumps feels really good, just sayin'…

Custom tiny trump stamp
Custom stamps like these typically costs around $25
  1. Create a design that measures 2” x 1.5”—templates here
  2. Send it to a stamp maker. We recommend Casey’s Rubber Stamps in NYC.
  3. Order blank tiny trumps
  4. Get a black ink pad and get to work!

4. Make a big one

The original tiny trump is two feet tall and looks great at a protest

two foot tall tiny trump at a protest in NYC
NYC protest

Full DIY tutorial available here

5. Do Whatever!

Visit the open source asset repository and have at it!

Questions? Check out the FAQ or maketrumptiny@gmail.com